So, about a couple weeks ago I was at a Charity Water fundraising event and bumped into this really cool guy with a creatively designed t-shirt. He ended up being a volunteer for the event, helping out people like me to navigate through the space and learn about the many people that make Charity : Water such a successful non-profit.

The guy turned out to be Darwin Dion and when I learned about his for-purpose mission to make the fashion world a bit more generous, I asked him to come on the show.

He has such an uplifting spirit and creative drive, so I’m excited to share his story with you. We’ll dive into his background then meander through how he has navigated the for-purpose for profit pendulum with his for-purpose for-profit company, Panda Sal.

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There’s children in this world who spend hours each day walking to get dirty water and want to go to school. Let’s give them the gift of clean water so that they become students and grow into the remarkable adults they’re destined to be.

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