On this episode, I chat with Tania Dakka about all things copywriting. She shares her story of how she came to start up BadAss’d Biz Ink: her copy writing company that has been featured on Chris Brogan’s Owner Magazine.

I’m really excited to share Tania’s writing tips with you. Writing is such a passion of mine and I love to hear how other writers master their craft. Tania shares tips for how you can use power words to make your website pop and better engage your audience on social media.

On the call, she shares:

  • 3 tips for writing stellar copy for social entrepreneurism that captivates your audience
  • Her unique shower writing sessions to deal with writer’s block
  • How to better express your personality in your writing instead of sounding too business-like and watered down. No one likes a gray painting.
  • Why Harley Davidson is the only bike you should own. I mean, I’m still thinking of getting a Vespa to motor around, but Tania may have convinced me otherwise.

Connect with Tania:

I really enjoyed getting to chat with Tania. I think her message about being yourself in your writing can really help so many people who struggle to pop out and shovel through the noise of social media.

Michael Hyatt talks about this too on how to build your platform. So, think about this…next time you go to write, be who you really are. Tania is a badass. The girl rides a Harley and listens to Mudvayne for heaven’s sake. You can’t get more badass than that.

Am I a badass? Probably not. I drive a Honda Accord, am considering buying a Vespa and take out my stand up paddle board whenever I get the chance. Last time I checked, that doesn’t make me a badass.

So, don’t be afraid that people may leave once you start really being yourself in your writing. Find your inner freak like Chris Brogan would say and become who you are on the inside. You’ll attract your diehard tribe.

So, go on and embrace your inner badass and let’s do great work that creates a better tomorrow.

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