Corey Boling joins me on the call today to talk about his non-profit, Filmmakers Without Borders. I’m really excited to bring Corey on because he and his team have been wildly successful with Kickstarter and launching a brand-new idea into the marketplace.

Corey and his team send filmmakers to developing countries in a Peace-Corp-like mission where they spend one year helping children create visual documentary and films.

What I love most about this story is that it’s a helpful reminder that children have an unbelievable knack to bring adults back to a simpler world, one that is more peaceful (albeit besides the occasional childhood temper tantrum). When these children create a documentary, they deliver a beautiful narrative that no major newspaper could ever create.

Being a teacher, I’ve seen firsthand how children so easily think outside the box that we as adults struggle to step out of.

My¬†hope is that you can learn from Corey’s story and use it to create your own quest.

On the call, Corey and I chat about:

  • How to succeed with Kickstarter
  • How storytelling can empower your audience
  • Developing an international team to employ your startup
  • The initial struggles Corey had in getting his idea off the ground

Connect w/ Corey here:

What’s neat about Corey’s idea is that it would not be possible in any other time in history. Now that cameras are more affordable, he was able to mesh together what he learned from the Peace Corps model into his own idea of bringing storytelling to students worldwide.

So, that begs the question, how are you able to take a¬†business model you are familiar with and mesh it to match something newly available in the world today? I call that pastiche entrepreneurship, where you blend together models that have worked with what’s newly available in the present.

What’s your pastiche entrepreneurial idea? Share it with us in a comment below.

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