“Coconut oil is medicine.”

On the show with me today is a good friend of mine, Tyson Adams. This is Tyson’s second time coming on The Traveling Cup. On Episode 33, we dove into everything about his amazing philanthropic startup, Jhai Coffee House. It’s one of my favorite episodes because it talks about one of my obsessions – coffee.

He started the world’s first coffee shop in Laos that gives back 100% to its community. So far, they’ve constructed 9 clean water wells, sent 4,000 kids in 35 schools and gave access to clean water and hygiene education.

They’ve built a café that acts as a social business which educates the farmers in the community about specialty coffee, and a coffee warehouse which has been wonderful in providing infrastructure for the farmers to basically maximize the earning potential of their coffee.

Tyson is here with me today to talk about his latest venture with Zuddha Coconut Oil, and this is a unique turn in Tyson’s entrepreneurial path, and I’m really excited to talk about how Tyson connected these dots.

Tyson Adams

On this Coffee Chat:

  • Tyson’s journey from Jhai Coffee House to Zuddha Coconut Oil
  • Benefits of coconut oil
  • What makes Zuddha Coconut Oil different?
  • Is it truly virgin?
  • What do you use coconut oil for?
  • Oil pulling
  • Coconut oil and breastfeeding
  • MCT oils
  • Crowdfunding tip: Keep your video short!
  • Giving back to the community


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