“How far do you really want to go? How fast do you really want to go? Are you prepared for it?” @TylerBel

“You can fall and you can fail, but that’s part of life, and the best part is when you do, you learn so many lessons.” @TylerBel

“There aren’t limits if you don’t believe it to be so.” @TylerBel

Let’s fly over to Portland, Oregon where vagabond Tyler Bel calls home. Tyler Bel is incredible! Just one look at her impressive resumé and you’ll be amazed. I like to think of her as the Peter Pan of an entrepreneur, because she creates fantastical companies that help push people’s dreams to a whole new reality.

We’ll be diving into the story of how TINSEL started out, the importance of mentorship, Tyler’s take on success and many more.

Among other work, Tyler is the founder of TINSEL, which is a cool acronym, which means There Is No Sky Experience and Lifestyle. She acts as a facilitator to not only tell a brand’s story, but also act as a business development hub and intermediary to high-profile companies and influential change-makers.


On this Coffee Chat:

  • Mentorship
  • Tyler’s story on how TINSEL started out
  • The difference between people who find success and those who don’t
  • The importance of having the right strategy and mindset in business
  • Having a growth mindset vs a limited mindset
  • How to choose a mentor
  • Who do you surround yourself with?
  • Tyler’s tips on how to develop a growth mindset and breaking limits
  • The importance of conviction
  • How Tyler chose her passion for change
  • Identifying what you’re good at and making money through it
  • Practicing gratitude, mindfulness and silence


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