“There’s no ultimate absolute truth. There’s no right belief. It really is just the one you choose for your self. To believe in yourself, you need to start choosing your own beliefs.”

Joining me on the call on purpose is Ryan Coelho. He is a Toronto Canadaian-based personal development and leadership specialist and millennial engagement consultant.

Ryan has so much energy that as soon as we said good bye I did ten push-ups. Not kidding you at all. I felt alive after talking with Ryan. And my guess is that you will to

Here’s a bit of what we talked about:

  • What it means to really believe in yourself
  • The law of attraction (or as I called it Lavatraction)
  • How to create affirmations
  • Learning to trust what comes your way
  • How to engineer success
  • Creating symbols in your life to represent your growth
  • Raising yourself to social actualization
  • The strength of the millennial

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I appreciate you and the work you do to create a better tomorrow.


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