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This is your Brain on Music by Dan Levitin 

Today on the show my guest, Carole Rowley, and I are going to be talking about stage presence and how to empower your voice, whether you’re just meeting with a team to launch a new project or you’re preparing for an upcoming keynote.

Personally, this is something really close to my heart and it’s been a part of me my whole life. I grew up in acting and, as a teenager, I learned a lot about vocal projection, powerful body language, and grew an ability to gauge whether or not I had a connection with an audience.

In my career as a teacher, I’ll never forget the first day I stood in front of 30 teenagers and the spotlight shone once again one me. Immediately, what I learned in acting classes came through once again.

Once I entered the business world, these same principles came showing up.

In just a few weeks, I am lucky to be attending an incredible conference called 99U and it’s at conferences like these where I get to see some of the best speakers share their thoughts on the stage. If you’ve never seen someone like Seth Godin or Scott Harrison take the stage, you need to see them speak. They’re such effective orators that the audience sits on the edge of their seats.

What I am excited most for, however, is that this conference is about perspiration. Once the speakers leave the stage, they’ll be joining us for workshops where we all will be calling on our presentation and communication skills.

Which is why I’m thankful for my friend Carole Rowley to join me on the show today. She’s an expert in stage performance and, after a successful music career where she toured the world with names like Mick Jagger, she’s turned to sharing her expertise with people like you and me.

On the call, Carole shares:

  • The secret to staying calm and focused in a time of crisis
  • Breathing exercises to do before a keynote presentation
  • Powerful postures for effective stage-presence

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