Today The Traveling Cup is flying over to Singapore to talk with Solonia Teodros, the co-founder of The Change School. Solonia and her partner Grace Clapham have been doing so much good for the world it’s incredible. In fact, they just won the prestigious Inspirational Leadership Award which was voted on by Richard Branson and Steve Wozniak. Now, if that’s not a couple of elite judges, I don’t know what is.

We talk about a lot of things on the show today, but mostly we focus on the transformation process — what it takes to move from the stage of “I really want to do something different and make a greater impact in my work” to the concrete stage of “I’m actually doing what I love to do and am making a serious impact.”

For those of you interested in starting up your own programs to help other change-makers achieve their greatness and live remarkable lives, Solonia shares how her and Grace went from ideation to creation. Solonia is beautifully honest and our hope is that you learn from what she is doing and emulate it.

You’ll hear about fellowship-like retreats that focus on re-birthing a better you. These are not retreats where you sun on the beach, but rather, these are retreats where you dig deep within yourself to explore the why within yourself and create something remarkable from it. That said, this year’s retreat is in Bali, so…that does sound like paradise to me no matter what.

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