“We have to realize that we have many of the solutions in our hands.” @thelongestswim

“Looking at the bigger picture and what we are doing for the next generation, I think, is the most important thing.” @thelongestswim

“It’s not the big things that make the world change; I think it’s the little things that you aggregate and the power of numbers.” @thelongestswim


On the show with me today is Ben Lecomte. For those of you who have been listening for a while, you know that I’ve devoted my life’s work to have real, meaningful impact and to live my life intentionally. For that reason, Ben is a huge role model for anyone who wants to go big and make huge impact.

Ben is a long-distance swimmer who will be swimming across the Pacific Ocean, from Tokyo to San Francisco. It’s actually not just to go for a swim – it’s part of this incredible global movement, a global effort to re-think sustainability.

This is the perfect example of how someone can take their passion and apply it to have incredible impact in the world.

So what can we do as individuals and as a collective to make our world and our oceans as healthy as they can be for our children and future generations?

Check out Ben’s herculean work over at TheLongestSwim.com and his Indiegogo campaign, which just launched so that we could help send him off on his swim from Tokyo to San Francisco.

Ben Lecomte

On this Coffee Chat:

  • What Ben learned from his mentors – his father, and adventurer Gerard d’Aboville
  • Pushing limits and not being afraid of taking big risks
  • Using one’s passion to make a difference
  • Bringing attention to sustainability
  • “We have problems right now with our environment…but at the same time, we have to realize that we have many of the solutions in our hands.”
  • The Longest Swim
  • Being mindful of how much waste we create and recycle
  • Small things you can do that can have worldwide impact
  • How Ben trained for The Longest Swim


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