Update: Read Tim’s article about his personal journey on The Huffington Post.

We’re doing things a little bit different here on the show for this episode just to change things up a bit. I asked my good friend Tim McDonald to join me on the show as a co-host and chat about the pros and cons of working from home.

I LOVE working from home, though I often go to a coffee-shop to work when I can and we talk about why being part of a community is so important. One day, I’ll most certainly join a cooperative working space.

FYI: If you work from home and are considering renting a space but don’t have money for your own studio, consider a cooperative working space. Scott Tillitt from episode 7 talks about how to find a great co-op to work in.  I personally love co-ops.

I hope you like this break from the normal structure. You can listen to a more in-depth conversation w/ Tim on episode 16 where we talked about how to build an online community (or a tribe as Seth Godin puts it).

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Let me know what other topics you’d love for me to discuss with a cohost like Tim McDonald. If there’s something you are currently struggling with, let me know and I’ll bring an expert on the show to talk about it.

Keep up the world-changing work and high five from New York.

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