First of all! Happy New Year! I just finished my life plan for 2015 and am really excited for the new year. I have a lot in store for 2015 and can’t wait to share it with you. 

If you didn’t get a chance to complete this questionnaire I put together to see how I can better serve YOU, please take a second and complete it. It won’t take you longer than that french press you just poured. 

Here’s the link.

About a couple months ago I sat down to dinner in the middle of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic on a life-changing TOMS Giving Trip. I was surrounded by a pack of truly brilliant and caring people and indulging in some seriously delicious Dominican food. If any of you have had Mangu, you know what I’m talking about. Joining us on the coffee chat today is one of the pack, Mark Brasier.

Mark’s been in business for a long time, working in sales and consulting with companies interested in starting up a for-purpose backbone. For instance, if any of you have ever snowboarded before, chances are you were a customer of one of Mark’s companies.  Just an FYI to anyone listening with kids in the car, we may slip into some lingo because Mark helps us sift through the bureaucracy in big business decision making, negotiation, and things may get heated.

So take sip of your favorite coffee brew and enjoy the episode. Afterward, come say hi on Twitter @markwguay.

Free Give Away of Seth Godin’s New Book 
I’m giving away 4 free copies of Seth Godin’s new book to raise money for Charity : Water and celebrate my 30th birthday. Just share a picture of a glass of water and complete this sentence: “Water is __”. Most creative entries and photos win the price.

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