Gabriela Pereira joins us on the coffee chat today to share her journey into business and writing. She is the founder of the DIY-MFA and is a New York City based writer and activist.

This is episode 50….five…zero…(high fives welcome). I am in awe and so honored to have you as a listener. When I first started The Traveling Cup about a year ago, I just wanted to continue a conversation I had with a former student about how to live a life full of purpose and world-wide impact. I can’t believe I have been able to bring you 50 episodes and I look forward to bringing you more.

Back to our main feature:
I’m really excited to bring Gabriela on the show to share the story of how she started the DIY-MFA along with tips she has for you to become the stellar writer you want to be. After all, we’re all writers now.

Gabriela has such a way with words that as soon as I left the call, I listened to the interview again as I ate my lunch. This is one of my favorite interviews yet on the show and after you listen, you’ll see why. We all have an innate reservoir of creativity and Gabriela helps us tap into it.

Here’s my favorite line from the interview:

Gabriela: “Everyone is born with this innate ability. This drive. To make you want to achieve things that you can’t do yet.”

So take sip of your favorite coffee brew, soak in the conversation and enjoy the episode. Afterward, come say hi on Twitter (@diymfa and @markwguay).

P.S. Major thanks (salute) to Leanne Sowul (@sowulwords) for the introduction to Gabriela. I absolutely love the art of connection. It’s a beautiful world we live in ladies and gents.


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