“First of all, what’s your vision for life? What do you really want out of it? What’s your perfect day look like?” @nataliesisson

“You have to absolutely, 100%, go after this vision – for what you want out of life – and DO IT.” @nataliesisson

Before there were all these awesome bloggers and podcasters out there, there was a woman who helped start it all. One day, she packed her suitcase with the aim to work from home and build her business around her life instead of how mainstream work forces people to build their lives around work – so she started up the lifestyle business.

Natalie Sisson joins us on the coffee chat today to talk about freedom, how she started her business and her newest venture, The Right2Freedom.

Today we’re going to talk about her story of finding purpose and then of course what’s been going on lately with her vagabonding and the outback in Oceania.

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Ep 82

On this Coffee Chat:

  • Natalie’s story about how she found her life’s purpose
  • The story behind “The Suitcase Entrepreneur”
  • Natalie’s newest venture – the Right2Freedom.
  • The Freedom Plan – a 10-week program that takes people through three key stages for living a free life.
  • Building a profitable business out of the lifestyle that you want.
  • The importance of planning and focus
  • Natalie’s morning routine
  • How to keep innovation alive in your business
  • Tips on how to start your venture in a saturated market
  • How to determine which pain points to monetize
  • Painkillers vs vitamins
  • Time-saving strategies for entrepreneurs – say YES to the right things
  • The importance of connecting with the right people, like-minded people
  • Mapping out your perfect day



I would love to hear what your perfect day looks like, so if you have 5-10 minutes go ahead and write down your perfect day and email it to myself and Natalie ;)

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