“Don’t tell people about your brand. Live it.”

Today with me for a second time on The Traveling Cup to share the story of her new journey is Dorie Clark. I first had Dorie on the show all the way back on Ep. 23. Make sure you check it out here.  There we talked about how millennials can reinvent themselves to launch a whole new career. 

Now, she’s here to talk about how to find your breakthrough idea, build a following, and STAND OUT.

Dorie’s latest book, Stand Out, is my latest read. It’s chocked full of stories of entrepreneurs and regular ol’ Joes building a unique niche following and building their entrepreneurial legacy. 

Doris’s one of my favorite writers. Why? Because she doesn’t lecture. She lets her stories stand for her evidence and establishes her claim with anecdotal evidence. 

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On this Coffee Chat:

  • Why standing out is no longer optional
  • How to find your breakthrough idea and build a following around it
  • Why Dorie loves Tacos
  • Developing you expert niche w/ @DorieClark 
  • Why you need to and how to do your own research
  • Creating a framework for your idea
  • Community…I mean a real community 
  • Putting thought leadership into practice

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After throwing back a few burritos and donning her sport coat, Dorie Clark got back to work. With a calendar chock-full of interviews, she set out to uncover how successful experts became the go-to leaders in their field.

There’s a lot of noise in the world today and it’s getting harder and harder to stand out, says Dorie in her new book Stand Out, “so I wanted to really find out just how someone does stand out in this noisy world.”

It wasn’t too long ago that Dorie herself fought to stand out while reinventing her career. Closing in on 30 years old, Dorie had run the gamut of positions, ranging from being a spokeswoman for a presidential campaign to directing a non-profit.

Dorie wanted to consult full-time and become a writer and speaker on an international level. To do that, she learned how to go from begging event organizers to allow her to speak for free to getting paid to speak all over the world — including giving talks at Google, the World Bank, and Harvard among others.

To stand out, says Dorie, it’s best to file down what it is that you’re good at. To do this, take a look at your realm of expertise and then choose the most focused part of it.

Becoming an expert in something so focused allows someone to take advantage of what mega-companies cannot. It allows someone to first become a big fish in a small pond.