“When you want to be extraordinary, that’s within the confines of being normal.” @bhaesa

“I’ve always believed that no matter what situation you find yourself in, until you learn something from it, you can’t escape it.” @bhaesa

Let’s go over the pond to England, where Bhavani Esapathi helps people find their purpose through adversities that come in their life.

She founded what’s called Chronically Driven, which is a digital social innovation hub that empowers those with chronically debilitating illnesses, helping them connect and share their story with the world.


On this Coffee Chat:

  • Learning from a mentor: respecting other people’s beliefs and opinions.
  • Success isn’t dictated by your educational background
  • Successful entrepreneurs desire to learn more
  • How Chronically Driven brings invisible disabilities to the forefront of mainstream media
  • Positively affecting others’ lives through your work
  • ADVICE: Be persistent in the good work that you’re doing, even if you don’t ‘see’ anything happening.
  • Finding work that suits you and your lifestyle
  • Managing your energy – what you spend time on
  • Pro tip: Make a list of tasks that only take 5 minutes to complete


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The key to knowing your purpose is to believe you have one. We all have a purpose and sometimes the purpose is to grow. As long as you are growing as a person, you are on the purpose path.

My path to purpose was carved even before I could properly spell purpose as a child when I quit school at the age of 5.

Knowing school wasn’t for me was a affirmation that I needed to pay attention to every single thing I am going to do because it is going to be different. Do you have to be different to become consciously aware of your purpose? No. It’s a great thing that we’re all born different, saves us a lot of time!

Most people are afraid, afraid to speak their minds simply because it’s different to popular opinion.

Not going to school gave me the luxury of experimenting, spending more than eight hours of the day exploring what I’m passionate about or rather, what gets me excited. Of course I wasn’t left off the hook by my parents, so I had to learn grade 10 textbooks without learning anything formally even once. This was one of the defining moments for my purpose; I never quit education and I wasn’t about to start now. Taking this exam and applying to college really made me question what my purpose was in order to determine which course to take up.