Just a couple of weeks ago, I seriously thought about quitting The Traveling Cup. I felt exhausted with balancing my full-time teaching job, being a good husband to my wife who is struggling with Lyme Disease, taking care of my mother who was just diagnosed with breast cancer, and also continuing to grow The Traveling Cup.

And then, as if some sort of miracle, the listenership for the show nearly doubled and a listener reached out to me to thank me for my writing and running the podcast.

It was just the affirmation that I needed to know that what I’m creating matters.

I’m a Capricorn: a silly mountain goat that bounces up the mountain side and charges forward. In Ayurveda, I’m a Pita, which means I have tremendous yang energy or fire inside (in the West we’d call that drive).

I’ve always been good at following through and committing till the end and have been a terrible quitter my whole life. But now I see more value in quitting than ever before. Quitting can open doors and bring in fresh air. Quitting can be the next page in living your story.