“The highest will and the highest purpose that any of us can assign ourselves to is finding our own happiness” @larendeeroos

The level of happiness and inner peace a person carries is not directly proportional to the size of their bank account. @dawndcoach


Join me in New York City where Larendee Roos and Dawn Doherty help executives maximize their leadership potential, all the way down to their spirit. They are the leaders of spirit-based business. That’s right – spirit-based business. Something I haven’t heard of very much before but after learning about it from Larendee, I love it.

We’ll be diving into what a spirit-based business is all about and finding happiness and peace in your own business.

Larandee Roos and Dawn Doherty

On this Coffee Chat:

  • A shoutout to Ken Woolley, a serial entrepreneur
  • The importance of mentorship in finding your purpose
  • The meaning of “relaxing into happiness”
  • What is a spirit-based business?
  • Transforming your life to transform your business
  • Finding your purpose and helping others discover theirs
  • How to deal with thought clusters or conditioned ways of thinking that are not serving you to move forward
  • How to attract people with similar goals
  • The secret to attaining sustainable wealth
  • The three questions you should be asking yourself
  • Finding what inspires and energizes you every day
  • Developing the trust muscle in business


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