When you’re committed to plan A you no longer need a plan B.”

Shannon Hernandez joins me on the podcast today to share her story of transforming education. Shannon is a former teacher of 15 years who wrote an expose’ about her trials as a teacher and has gone on to create The Writing Whisperer and the Transforming Public Education Podcast.

She’s an education reform activist who follows the yogic lifestyle, dives into vegetarian and vegan cooking, and often writes for The Huffington Post about the healing power of journaling, and the importance of self-care and self-reflection. 

We dive deep into her story of reinventing herself and the three key decisions she made before taking the leap into entrepreneurship. 

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On this Coffee Chat:

  • Why Shannon left her job as a public school teacher and reinvented herself
  • Smart content marketing
  • Thinking long-term and making decisions short-term
  • What to do when when you have a bad boss
  • Building a freelancing portfolio


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