“The most important thing that I learned is that luck plays a huge factor in everything.” @rogerwu99

“Being humble is probably the most important characteristic – whether you’re an employee, whether you’re an entrepreneur, whether you’re a rockstar – whoever you are.” @rogerwu99


Let’s meander between New York and California where Roger Wu divides his time. Roger is an entrepreneur and the founder of Cooperatize – an advertising platform that guarantees placements and at the same time will save publishing.

Roger’s special talent? Using story to captivate and make lasting impressions.

You may also recognize Roger as the bodyguard for the Prime Minister of Micronesia in the movie Zoolander.

Roger Wu

On this Coffee Chat:

  • A shoutout to Roger’s father, who was also an entrepreneur
  • Preparation is everything
  • How he ended up in Zoolander
  • Making viral YouTube videos
  • Roger’s vlogging tip: Do something different
  • “Nothing really can truly go viral from one guy sitting in a room, unless he has help doing it.”
  • What form of advertising best suits your product
  • Content marketing
  • When to use storytelling in ads
  • What Roger is learning right now


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