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All right, today I’m a little hyped up on a Kyoto cold-press coffee my buddy Matt Tallarico got for me. And on this super humid day in New York, I’m loving it.

I posted a pic of it over at our virtual coffee shop Facebook group.  It’s where we chat, share ideas, and connect online.

When you join, feel free to post a picture of you at your favorite coffee spot. Don’t be shy.

Today I’ll be chatting with Daniel Gulati who is a Venture Capitalist, writer for Harvard Business Review and co-author of the book Passion and Purpose.

Daniel is from Australia and currently lives in New York City…and…and this is a big and, he is looking to hear from you. He is looking for the truly innovative ideas that he can help scale and bring to market. So, if that’s you, which I think is probably is, listen on to learn what Daniel is looking for.

On the episode, we talk about:

  • Daniel’s tactical approach to writing
  • What makes for a successful and scalable start-up model
  • The research behind how purpose-driven business actually makes for better business
  • Success stories

Connect with Daniel here:

I can’t believe all the things we talked about and this is what I love about having organic conversation over a cup of coffee, or in Daniel’s case, a cup of tea.

My favorite takeaway from the conversation with Daniel is when we talked about one of the biggest mistakes young social entrepreneurs make: not having a customer or checking in to see if what is being built is really something that people want.

In the education scene, I’ve seen so many edtech entrepreneurs with some really cool ideas and products, but not many teachers or schools who will use it.

For the last e-book I wrote, for instance, Schools Gone Social, I took a look at what long-tail keywords were being searched around social media in schools and used that knowledge to write the e-book. I can’t take credit for this method though. I picked it up from Pat Flynn. Did it work well? Ah, it worked okay. I can’t complain. It did get the message out, people did read it and I did make some money off it, so definitely no complaints here.

For The Traveling Cup, people ask me all the time, what am I selling? The answer is nothing. I want to learn what people need first before I build something to help them do great work. I have a few ideas, but right now, my only goal with this podcast is to build a community for you social innovators out there to get together in our virtual coffee shop and create together. My only goal is to do everything possible to help you connect, create, and grow your social-purpose venture.

All right my friends, cheers to you and thanks for tuning in.

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