Today on the show, fly with me over to sunny Arizona where I have with me one of the happiest people I have ever met, Pamela Slim. Perhaps her happiness makes sense because she is the author behind Escape from Cubicle Nation. Pamela leads people, perhaps like you, who want to escape what she called “corporate prison” and find the body of work that makes you feel alive.

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One thing I’ve realized after learning new languages and living abroad is what amazing gifts live inside all of us. @pamslim (Click to tweet!) 

We go into some pretty in-depth conversation and chat about:

How we all need to keep our art tapped and running. This doesn’t mean being an artist in the traditional sense and grabbing some absinthe and a canvas.  It means having the ability to express yourself and grow as a being.

Don’t be stifled in a cubicle. Open up your art and expand into the cognitive evolution. This means being open and vulnerably, reflective, and authentic.

The value of multiculturalism. As an advocate, Pam shares with us how she cleverly makes sure to have a wide range of demographics through her work. How else can one show the truly eclectic beauty of the global economic culture?

You can find out more about Pamela at:
Her blog
Body of Work Live Conference

Her current publications are:
Escape from Cubicle Nation
Body of Work: Finding the Thread that Ties your Story Together

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