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Have you ever asked yourself what it means exactly to be a change-maker? It’s often easy to look at the past and see how leaders pushed through fear. But, in the present, it can be painfully difficult to push through fear when it’s so much easier to sit comfortably. Not take a leap of faith. Not start an idea. Not question a boss.

Enter the linchpin — a term that Seth Godin defined as a person that disrupts and pushes through fear to be the change-maker.

Seth  joins us on the coffee chat today to talk about pushing through to reach a new creative potential. We touch on mindfulness and motivation then Seth welcomes a few listener questions.

His tips will help you continue to be remarkable and fly high without fear of having your wings melt.

He shares his thoughts on:

– Confidence from within without external affirmation
– How to manifest a dream through action
– Schooling and how the school system structure influenced your thinking
– The health care structure
– The globalization of goods and the go-local movements

To connect with Seth:
– Google the word “Seth”. He does so much, he comes up on the first page (even without the last name).

I’m honored to have him join us on the call today. For those who don’t know Seth’s work, I strongly suggest you subscribe to his daily blog. I find him to be a very Seussical writer that pleasantly critiques large-scale organizational thought and pushes us to question.

He’s been a long-time idol of mine and I’m sure he will be of yours if he isn’t already.

Here’s to you my friends. Matter on!

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