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On this episode, I have an amazing opportunity to share with you. I had the chance to chat with Irene Au, the thought leader behind mindful user-experience (UX) design.

If you don’t know what UX is, just think of it as the thinking that goes into how your customer (user) will interact with your website, service, product on a holistic level.

To me, it’s like taking a step back and looking at how everything interacts. It can mean anything from how long it takes a website to load to how many clicks it takes for a potential lead to make a purchase all the way to how you make the customer/user feel.

And “feel” is the key quality to look for. Rio did a good job of putting songs on an MP3 player, but Apple made you feel a connection to the iPod (don’t’ remember the Rio player? Yeah, me neither…Irene reminded me of it).

UX is what we all need to be thinking about and I am so honored, blessed, and thankful to share Irene’s thoughts with you. I know so little and she knows so much.
On the call, Irene shares:

  • What makes great UX and how to focus on mindful UX
  • 3 businesses who have great UX: Google, Tesla, and Apple
  • 3 UX tips for the social-entrepreneur, even if you have a shoestring budget
  • How to create a culture of empowerment
  • Her thoughts on the education sector and what you can do to create intrapreneurial and entrepreneurial projects in the education sector
  • The incredible benefits of yoga and meditation and what it could mean for your own benefit ( I share my story with yoga too)

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Like always, please add in your thoughts by leaving a comment below. I love hearing your stories and learning about the amazing work that you do to create a better tomorrow.

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