“You have to do the biggest thing you can to help the world in the biggest way.” – @_michaelsanders
“When you really try to help as many people as possible then things will work out for you.” @_michaelsanders

Michael Sanders joins us on the coffee chat today to share his story and the evolution of his latest project, Ayahuasca: An Executive’s Enlightenment.

We’ll also dive into Michael’s tips to unlock your full potential and find enlightenment. We may also talk about Michael’s serious dancing skills as well.

A bit more about Michael: He is a partner and Vice President in renewable energy and technology startup SunMoon Energy and the Vice President at ClearMedia.tv advertising agency.

You can preorder a copy of his book here and help him crowd fund to life! (non-affiliate link)

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On this Coffee Chat:

  • Why Ayahuasca is referred to as a female entity 
  • Michael gives a shout out to Sunmoon Energy
  • Michael shares his experience w/ Ayahuasca
  • Michael gives a shout out to Pulse Adventure Tours
  • How Ayahuasca differs from LSD, the psychedelic Steve Jobs said was one of the most important experiences in his life
  • How to decide if an experience w/ Ayahuasca is for you
  • How Ayahuasca has helped Michael have more impact in his work
  • Why Michael is using crowd-funding to kickstart his memoir
  • How meditation enhanced Michael’s confidence
  • Ayahuasca: What it is and why it empowered Michael
  • Why Michael is crowdfunding the publication

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