“Some things just don’t work and it’s okay to say ‘you know…that’s not for me’ and move on.” 

On the call with me today is Matt Giovanisci. Matt is a Website wizard, podcast producer, music maker, video veteran, and fanboy of alliteration who is currently working on a coffee brand called Roasty. He helps people create “cool s***” that matters using his recipe called Passion Mashin. 

Matt just returned from a road trip to Colorado and sits down at a coffee shop in Washington D.C. for our chat. The new trip inspired Matt for his new venture which he shares for the first-time on this interview. 

Side note: Something happens on this episode that has never happened before in The Traveling Cup history. I hope it never happens again, but it was certainly a memory to remember. 

On this coffee chat:

- From pool care to coffee site: How Matt creates niche sites

- Creating epic video content

- Tips to be authentic and stay true to your personality 

- How to move beyond failure

- The story behind Roasty 

- What happens to Matt in an alley in D.C. 

- Building a lifestyle business 

- Matt’s new thoughts on travel

The Alley Shot

The Alley Shot


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