“How do you live within these massive limitations? How do you live when you don’t know how much energy you have from one day to the next?”

“Monetize your mission, monetize your passion, and then take those steps forward.”

“If you can extract wisdom from each and every situation, then it’s not a negative thing – it’s an empowering thing.”

On the show with me today I have Sarah and Aaron Sanchez, two really special guests whom my wife and I had the honor of meeting at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York.

You guys have heard me talk about my stay at Omega Institute for the Living Well With Lyme Disease Conference already, but you’re going to get an insider’s look here with two very special people that I’ve met there.

Aaron and Sarah are the hosts of the podcast, LymeVoice, where they focus on the path from Lyme Disease to wellness.

For those who have been following The Traveling Cup for a while, you know that I’ve talked a bit about my wife’s struggle with Lyme Disease, so this is an especially meaningful conversation that we’re going to have with Aaron and Sarah, and I’m really honored to have them in this episode.

Aaron Sarah Sanchez

On this Coffee Chat:

  • Learning financial intelligence
  • What is Lyme Disease?
  • Lyme Disease symptoms
  • Incorporating Lyme into their life’s work
  • How to stay positive and empowered – be intentional
  • Surrounding oneself with positivity
  • How to support your partner through chronic illness
  • Redefining success
  • “It’s okay to struggle. It means you’re IN the fight.”
  • “Turn your crap into fertilizer.”


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