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Today’s episode focuses on how small steps can lead to living a life full of gratitude. It starts by finding (or creating) a one second moment in your life. Just one second every day. That’s it. And trust me, it adds up quickly!

On the show with me today is Cesar Kuriyama, the creator of One Second Every Day.  Cesar spoke at TED back in 2012 and since then has been growing his One Second Every Day app.

On the call, Cesar and I talk about:

  • How one small positive habit could lead to a ginormous benefit and change your life
  • The philosophy behind mini-retirements (i.e. sabbaticals)
  • How to create an app
  • Using Kickstarter for seed funding

Connect with Cesar at:

That was positively one of my favorite conversations. After we ended the interview, Cesar and I went on to talk about video games and podcasts, along with some existential philosophy about living in the moment when the present in constantly changing.

I give so much credit to Cesar for taking the leap and taking a year off of work to explore a deeper purpose and understanding in life. The way he did it too is a way that I think a lot of Traveling Cuppers would understand: taking 2 years to live frugally to fund a nest egg savings account to live off of when you quit the job.

All right my friends, cheers to you and thanks for tuning in. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

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