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Let’s fly all the way over to Bali, Indonesia where we’re getting to chat with Lavinia Iosub who is with Project Getaway.

(A big shout out to my friend Shannon Hernandez who introduced us!)

There’s an interesting revolution in the way we view work. Welcoming this change is a team of entrepreneurs throughout the world called Digital Nomads. These nomads don’t need to clock in and clock out and be stuck in one location.

They have freedom.

All they often need is a good wi-fi connection and a cup of coffee. Something else they often need? Community empowerment.

Enter Project Getaway.

Project Getaway is a 30-day event for entrepreneurs and digital nomads that come from all over the world. They come together in Bali and they network, develop their business ideas and live the adventure of a lifetime in this paradise.

It’s basically an incubator, a conference, a retreat, a network gathering and a working holiday all in one.

You’ll get to hear Lavinia’s story of how she got started, why she’s helping Project Getaway and how she got to Bali all the way over from Romania.


Lavinia 1

On this Coffee Chat:

  • How Lavinia quit her career in banking and started traveling
  • What makes Bali an amazing travel destination
  • Workation = work + vacation
  • Project Getaway as a nonprofit
  • What happens during Project Getaway?
  • Having the opportunity to learn from different entrepreneurs
  • The challenges of being a digital nomad
  • The benefits of working with and learning from like-minded individuals


Project Getaway


Email Lavinia at lavinia@projectgetaway.net

Twitter: @projectgetaway and @laviniaiosub

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