“A lot of people would love to work for themselves, sure. Yet for whatever reason, they’re unable to either because of certain circumstances or because they’re afraid to take the leap.”

Lauren Bowling joins us on the coffee chat on purpose today. Lauren is a personal finance blogger and millennial home buyer, sass queen, puppy-lover and cola addict. She is the genius behind the website L Bee and The Money Tree.

Every year around the fall season, I typically do two things:

1. I go apple picking and drink lots of apple cider

2. I think about buying a home.

I haven’t bought a home yet and am not sure when I will, but my conversation with Lauren got me thinking a whole lot more about how to best use my money along with some solid advice on why I should buy a home.

I forgot who it was who said it and I think it was Jay-z, Einstein or Tony Robbins or perhaps it was all three: having money allows a person to do tremendous good in the world. In fact, it’s coming back to me. Jay-Z said, “I can’t help the poor when I’m poor.” Now, I don’t completely agree with that. There are plenty of people who do great things with little money, but having money allows a person to do more good (if he chooses to do so with his money which he should). 

Which is why I’m happy to have Lauren on the show. She helps the many millennials who have found themselves with heaps of debt, mostly from college loans, and helps them get back on track with their spending.

Money is a tough topic to talk about in many circles, and in the social change world it’s even harder. When a for-purpose business gets launched, the world tends to put a microscope on it and evaluate just how “for purpose” it really is. The same goes for non-profits. Ironically, regular old businesses continue to do what they want with less public criticism. 

On this coffee chat on purpose:

  • Confessions of a shopaholic
  • How to grow out of debt with a side hustle
  • Tips for growing your money tree
  • Lauren’s thoughts on what streams of income you should have
  • Why real estate is still a good investment
  • Tips for millennial home buyers 

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