“When you follow your dream, when you follow your passion, really nothing can stop you.” @DreamNipotence

“As you start to become aware of what it is that you value most…you can start to use that as a measuring stick for making your decisions.” @DreamNipotence

On the show with me today is Jo Caragh. After 17 years as a communications operator for 911 for the Toronto Police, Jo left to follow her gut feeling, which is I think something that everyone listening to this podcast could relate to.

And there was something more that she wanted to be doing. At 911, she honed her skills as an expert communicator, developing the tools to effectively connect with people to achieve the best possible outcome. She brings her experiences as a trainer, a mentor supervisor and creator of an award-winning communications program.

Check out ChooseDreams.ca to learn more about Jo and her work and her concept of Dream Nipotence.

Jo Caragh

On this Coffee Chat:

  • A shoutout to Jennifer Hough
  • How mentors can help you step into something bigger and figuring out your path
  • Jo’s definition of “Intelligence of the Heart”
  • Do you feel like you need to give some service back to the world?
  • What is Dream Nipotence?
  • Tapping into the intelligence of the heart
  • Starting a dream journal
  • How self-aware are you?
  • How do you choose the right path?
  • There is no right or wrong choice


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