“Don’t ever give up hope. Continue to fight, because you never know what’s going to happen in front of you; you never know what plan is meant for you.” @JhansonSteel
“No – don’t accept the negative statistics…you fight until you can’t fight anymore.” @JhansonSteel
“With anything in life, if you are truly passionate about it, you’re gonna give it every bit of energy that you have to see this goes forward.” @JhansonSteel

On the show with me today I have the real man of steel, JJ Hanson, joining us. Now JJ’s story is one you will never forget, and I’m really excited to dig into his new line of work, with his new nonprofit, or helping the nonprofit Voices Against Brain Cancer.

JJ’s a US Marine and brain cancer survivor who advocates for policy changes on behalf of patients. He recently approached the New York State Department of Health to officially declare May 27th as New York State Gray Day, where people wear the color gray to help promote brain cancer awareness.

And this is awesome – he just completed a Spartan race. In short, I’m super excited to have JJ join us today.

JJ Hanson

On this Coffee Chat:

  • JJ’s Spartan race experience
  • Lessons and virtues JJ learned from his family
  • “When people see you do that and they see you working harder to try and make something happen, then they’re going to build off of that strength, and it makes you feel better when you see them resulting in a positive way from what you just did.”
  • JJ’s battle against cancer
  • Keeping the right perspective in the midst of challenges
  • “There are so many great things in this world for you to do; there are so many great things in this world for you to see and be a part of. Why wait?”
  • How JJ started working with Voices Against Brain Cancer
  • ADVICE: Just reach out.
  • Using video to create a conversation around your advocacy
  • Other initiatives JJ is working on
  • Focusing on priorities


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