Today, my friends, is a beautiful day :)

(read and share the transcript with your barista)

Several listeners have reached out to me asking me how to start a podcast and what are the pros and cons of podcasting.

So I reached out to none other than Jared Easley. In his latest book  Jared shows readers how to build a podcast and community through meaningful collaboration. It’s chock full of take-aways that I re-read whenever I find myself waiting in line or at the doctor’s office (using my Kindle app).

Jared is the co-founder of the conference Podcast Movement and is the rock-and-roll voice behind Starve the Doubts — a super inspiring podcast on how to squash fear and launch your idea forward.

Jared shares his specific thoughts for social entrepreneurs and change-makers (like you ;) on how podcasting can benefit your movement.

A bit of news on my end:

1. I’m so excited to finally get to share the news that I’ll be joining TOMS on a Giving Trip to the Dominican Republic. We’ll be spending a week working with a local non-profit and distributing shoes (among other things) to families in need.

I feel honored and blessed to join them and excited to share the journey with you.
*If you’re in the DR, let me know so we can possibly meet up for a damn fine cup of coffee. 

2. Like it or not, my 30th birthday is slowly approaching (it’s January 10th). Last year I donated my 29th birthday to Charity : Water and I’m planning out how to exponentially grow my impact with this coming birthday. I’d love to raise enough money to provide a school with running water.

Have an idea on how I can raise the most money and raise the most awareness? Let me know. And, of course, if you’d like to help out, let me know that too!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s an honor having you in my life and I appreciate you. Like always, let me know what YOU are working on. Say hello on Twitter @markwguay or just hit “reply”.

Thanks for joining me to be the change.


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