“When climbing the ladder of success, make sure it’s leaning against the right building.”

A few days ago I lifted myself into a wobbly handstand as sweat dripped down my face in a yoga workshop. And for those who have been following, one of my yearly goals is to hold a handstand for five seconds without assistance.

(stream it now by clicking here)

In front of the yoga class, stood my guest on the show Raghunath. To say I’m really excited to share his story on purpose with you would be the understatement of my year so far. I first met Raghunath a bit after I began practicing yoga and have following his work ever since. Although, many of you may have listened also listened to his music like I did as a kid. Were you into the punk rock scene?

To be completely honest, during the workshop I struggled with ego because I wanted to be able to hold a handstand like he could. He would float into handstand as easy as skipping down the street. And hey…what can I say? I’m a competitive guy.

I’ll let him tell you his story, but to start off — some of you may know the ex-punk ex-monk Raghunath (or Ray of Today) as Ray Cappo, the singer of the insanely popular band Youth of Today.

On the chat, Raghunath shares:

  • How to handle the fulcrum of success
  • Where to lean your ladder when climbing the ladder of success
  • Tips to find your true calling. You know…the one that shakes your soul and brings tears to your eyes
  • Food for the soul

Stay connected with Raghunath and perhaps one day we’ll be practicing handstand next to each other at Super Soul Farm. After all, my handstand still needs quite a bit of work!

Namaste :)

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