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I’m sitting here today with Nate Cooper to talk about all things website creation with a lovely dose of education entrepreneurship, or as Nate calls it “edupreneurship”. Nate is a full-time nice guy, a WordPress expert, blog strategist, writer, and edupreneur. He’s here to share the news behind his latest graphic e-book on how to create a stellar website.

He has incredible street credit in the education startup scene in New York City, which sounds really easy to get, but really is not. Trust me. The New York City EdTech scene has exploded into the Mecca of education revolution, which explains the newly founded name Silicon Valley. To get that street credit is truly admirable.

On the call, Nate and I chat about:

  • Creating an education start-up
  • What makes for a great website
  • Should you learn to code?
  • Using WordPress over another website provider.

Connect w/ Nate here:

Like always, come say hi. If you are recreating your website, I’d love to hear what you are working on.


FYI: My apologies for not sending out a second podcast last week. I had the honor to attend a retreat at Omega Institute and unplugged for a few days. And let me tell you…it was awesome! Unplugging and spending a few days without a car, sitting in lotus, and sleeping in nature without wireless helped me stay grounded. It also helped me realize how much I appreciate you. As a part of The Traveling Cup tribe, I appreciate you more than I can express in a sentence.

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