“Courage is asking the question of how can you engage in the difficult and diverse conversations that you need to be having?”

Erica Dhawan joins us on the coffee chat today to share the journey of her latest book, Get Big Things Done, The Power of Connectional Intelligence. 

Erica is the CEO of Cotential and teaches companies innovative strategies to create increasing value, tap next generation insights, deliver sustainable results and ensure future global competitiveness.

(stream the coffee chat with this link)

On this coffee chat: 

  • How to think BIG
  • Broadening the way you get news
  • Forge new connections
  • Learning new skills to expand our schema
  • Creating space and time to do the things that matter
  • Connectional intelligence: what it is and how to grow yours.
  • Tips to connect intelligently 
  • The 5 Cs of connectional intelligence
    • Curiousity
    • Courage
    • Combination
    • Community
    • Combustion
  • The Three Types of Connectors
    • Thinkers
    • Enablers
    • Connection Executors 
  • Growing your curiosity
  • How a Pumpkin Started a BIG Revolution


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