“It’s about finding those unique life experiences that we all have and asking how it can become our unfair advantage. ” 

Scott Oldford joins us on the coffee chat today. Scott helps companies magnify their unfair advantage using strategy, marketing, and technology. He is the voice behind The Executive Minute podcast and the Limitless Business Podcast and lives in the furthest possible point of North America in St. John’s Newfoundland.

Scott has been named a top 20 under 20 innovator, has found massive debt, paid it back, and now continues to push the creative envelope.

(stream the coffee chat with this link)

On this coffee chat: 

- Building trust and cameraderie with your community

- Why you shouldn’t be afraid of debt and how to grow out of it

- A secret Scott shares on how to 10x your marketing dollars

- How to identify your unfair advantage

- What to say “yes” to and learning to say “no”

- Why you need to build a team and delegate. Focus on one or two parts of your business. 

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