“Feel the pain, but don’t let that stop you from having greater wisdom, more love, and more compassion.”

Dr. Paul Coleman joins me on the coffee chat today to share his story along with the ideas behind his latest book, Finding Peace When Your Heart is in Pieces.

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Dr. Coleman is a pyschologist local to my hometown in the Hudson Valley. He has appeared on pretty much every major news channel over his career. You name it, Oprah, Geraldo — he’s been there.

A lot of my life’s work is in helping people discover their unique genius and be remarkable in their own way. Taking the leap and being who you really want to be takes a lot of guts. Often times, taking the leap means taking chances and when you take chances there is the high likelihood of failing. But remember, failing forward as David Kelley told me is good. Failing by itself sucks. With Dr. Coleman’s help, we can learn how to overcome a failure, in our personal or professional lives, and become empowered when we suffer a loss.

Stay connected with Dr. Coleman at the links below. I know that when I face a future failure (and I’m sure there will be many), I’ll reflect back on these tips and use them to propel me forward. I hope you find the same level of empowerment in these tips as I do.

On this Coffee Chat:

- How what we think is reality becomes reality

- What makes people tick

- If you love hard enough you will experience loss

- Become empowered through a failure 

- Heartglow

- The power of community 

- Become the dragon slayer 

- Perseverence 

- Our weaknesses are our strengths that we over-stretched 

- Mindset 

- The power of compassion 

- “Acting allows us to play characters”

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