Coffeeshop to Compliment the Episode: in Beacon, NY
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The focus on today’s episode centers on cooperative working spaces and ways we as entrepreneurs could inspire each other to create great work – better work than if we were to work all alone all the time.

In the education world they call this constructivist learning with the idea that one person’s weakness is another person’s strength – and together as a team – we can all achieve a great brilliance and produce better work.

Trust me, I love being able to work on my own schedule and being able to roll out of bed, feed my cat Yoda before he bites me, turn on the percolator and get right to work if I have an idea in my head that keeps spinning like a hamster in a caged wheel.

I also know that some of my greatest writing and ideas comes from talking with others that inspire me. To me, a cooperative working space is a lot like a mastermind group combined with the sharing of ideas we all used to love in college.

I am so honored to have my friend Scott Tillitt on the show today. I’ve known Scott for a while since I moved into the Hudson Valley in New York and have always been in awe of his work.  I first met Scott at a TEDx event he set up and since then quickly found out that Scott has such an eclectic background in social entrepreneurship that I had to have him on the show.

Luckily, he was able to sit down and chat with me while he was in his hometown of Beacon, NY.

On the episode, Scott shares:

  • His favorite cup of coffee in Paris after he moved there post-9/11
  • Why you may want to work in a cooperative working space
  • What to look for when you look for a cooperative working space

You can reach out to Scott at:

  • Scott’s Twitter handle: @bluehwyflaneur
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