“It wasn’t necessarily about the money I made or the money I didn’t make; it was about what I learned from the experience.” @chrisspurvey

“If you bring value to people, then you can be really successful in selling.” @chrisspurvey

“Sales is not something to be feared. It’s bringing value to your consumers, bringing value to customers.” @chrisspurvey

Today we’re going to hop over to the easternmost part of North America where Chris Spurvey spends most of his time, and we’re going to talk about sales.

We’ll be diving into Chris’ story on how he got started, his journey with sales and tips on how today’s entrepreneurs should sell.

A Newfoundland native, Chris has had a long career in the world of sales. As a vice president in a highly profitable business, Chris knows how to make a sale and has learned the key tactics to help convert a fan of your work into a happy customer.

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Chris Spurvey

On this Coffee Chat:

  • How Chris went from marketing to sales – going back to his entrepreneurial roots
  • The struggle with society’s preconceived notion of sales.
  • Sales = serving and delivering value
  • What led Chris down this road with sales
  • How Chris started out in a network marketing company
  • The experience of having your first sale
  • How Chris maintains his focus – having a vision and staying true to that vision?
  • Chris’ new podcast, It’s Time To Sell
  • How resetting your life can get rid of many limiting beliefs
  • Chris’ advice for those who want to be a full-time entrepreneur
  • ADVICE: What’s your story? Be authentic and put it out there
  • What is “success”?
  • What people are doing wrong in sales
  • How do you move towards a close?
  • The best sales people are actually more introverted, or ambiverts
  • Chris’ advice for sales people
  • Being confident in the value you provide
  • How to determine product pricing
  • Chris’ advice for millennials – don’t wait until things are perfect


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