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I hope you liked the new beginning to the show today. I like to change things up and want to bring what we love about coffee shops into The Traveling Cup. And one of those things is poetry. Quick and witty poetry that inspires us all to live remarkable lives.

I’d love for you to submit your poem for the show to be read aloud before the intro. You can also record your voice! It should be about 20-30 seconds in length. Just send it over to mark@thetravelingcup.com with a sentence or two on why you wish to share the poem with The Traveling Cup change-makers.

On the call with me today to talk about the non-profit sector is Monisha Kapila. Monisha started up the company Proinspire and is a Harvard MBA graduate and thought leader in the non-profit sector. Her company aims to help young professionals become incredible leaders for non-profits. Today she’s agreed to come on the show and talk about how she started up the company and take you through her journey.

On the call, Monisha and I talk about:

  • The benefits of a non-profit for social entrepreneurs
  • How she started up Proinspire
  • Making money with a non-profit and how long before profit emerges
  • How to apply to the Proinspire fellowship

Connect with Monisha here:

I hope you got as much out of that as I did and I’d love to hear what you think and what you are working on. And if you file as a non-profit, share your story with our Facebook group to help inspire other Traveling Cup change-makers. You can also share your thoughts with me on Twitter @markwguay or over atmark@thetravelingcup.com.

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