Mike Ambassador Bruny joins me on the call today to chat about building up a brand. Mike’s work has been in brand ambassadorship and building up thriving communities, first at Intel, then on his own. He has been the ambassador for Social Media Marketing World Summit in San Diego (my favorite city), and has been published by Forbes.

Before Mike joins us today let me share a quick story.

After every episode of The Traveling Cup, I ask each guest to recommend someone I should have the show — someone whom they believe is really rocking it and the TTC listener can really learn a lot from.

Mike has been recommended by more of my guests than anyone else, and I am honored to have him join us today. Plus, the man can tie a stellar bow tie.

Mike share his thoughts on building up brand within a brand to help employees intrapreneurially tap into their passion and help enhance the brand they work for. Of course, his tips can also help all the entrepreneurs out there, as well.

On the call Mike shares:

  • 3 Tips to Become The Connected Professional
  • How to Build a Brand Inside a Brand
  • The Difference Between Building Up a Brand and Branding Oneself
  • Why It’s Important to Hangout Where Tribe Is

Connect with Mike here:

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