On the call today, I had an incredible opportunity to chat with Rhoden Monrose, a real mover and shaker down on Wall Street in New York City. At one time Rhoden was a successful Wall Streeter, closing deals and making trades. And then he thought back to the days of his grandmother in St. Lucia and knew that the trades he was making would directly influence women like her. This level of empathy helped Rhoden see that now that we live in a hyper connected world where it’s possible to be transparent, empathic trading needs to be brought to Wall Street.

Talk about a big hairy audacious dream. When I first heard about this, I thought “No way…not possible.” And then I thought about Star Wars and Luke screaming “That’s impossible.” Okay…digression.

After sitting down for a coffee with Rhoden, I saw the passion burn in his eyes as he took me on a tour of his office in Wall Street. There I realized, he’s already making this happen. He’s already started and already felt the growth of success.

On the episode, we talk about:

  • Empathic trading
  • The essentials of trading
  • The culture of Wall Street
  • How Rhoden started up Caricorps
  • All things money and how Rhoden funds Caricorps

Connect with Rhoden here:

I really enjoyed getting to hear Rhoden’s story and then share it with you. I loved how Rhoden put together a unique body of work. I mean, the guy synthesized the market trading skills he learned with his grandmother with the empathy he experienced through emigrating to the U.S. from St. Lucia, and wove it together to create Caricorps. That’s some serious introspection there. Something we all can learn from. More importantly, it’s something that I hope you all do something with. Perhaps just by starting your own mindfulness meditation.

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