What IS Your Purpose? There Can Be More Than One, Right?

May 5, 2015

The key to knowing your purpose is to believe you have one. We all have a purpose and sometimes the purpose is to grow. As long as you are growing as a person, you are on the purpose path.

My path to purpose was carved even before I could properly spell purpose as a child when I quit school at the age of 5.

Knowing school wasn’t for me was a affirmation that I needed to pay attention to every single thing I am going to do because it is going to be different. Do you have to be different to become consciously aware of your purpose? No. It’s a great thing that we’re all born different, saves us a lot of time!

Most people are afraid, afraid to speak their minds simply because it’s different to popular opinion.

Not going to school gave me the luxury of experimenting, spending more than eight hours of the day exploring what I’m passionate about or rather, what gets me excited. Of course I wasn’t left off the hook by my parents, so I had to learn grade 10 textbooks without learning anything formally even once. This was one of the defining moments for my purpose; I never quit education and I wasn’t about to start now. Taking this exam and applying to college really made me question what my purpose was in order to determine which course to take up.

Purpose comes in strange ways. (Click to Tweet)

Because I had designed the first 18 years of my life living on my own rules, when I went to college I was like a kid dosed up on espresso! I took up almost every course imaginable, extra modules and additional classes so much so that when I graduated I confused the university computer system as my GPA was well beyond 4.0. I was actually called to the Dean’s office to be informed that they couldn’t legally credit me for all the courses I’ve taken up. The amusement made up for not being certified.

Living with intention and purpose is what’s going to dominate my life.

For me, I have always been a writer – first published when I was six years old and almost exclusively wrote for about 18 years of my life. I soon discovered that the most valued skill in people who are into marketing and social media ironically is the ability to effectively communicate. Thankfully for me, I had spent my entire childhood doing just that, experimenting with poetry, prose, various narrative structures and all that stuff you read writers should be doing in a good motivational book. This allowed me to successfully pitch to prospective employers, and more importantly deliver by connecting to the world in a way that the average marketer could not. So now, I get to write about digital culture & get paid to follow my passion.

That’s the thing about purpose. It’s not something you can find so don’t go looking for it, purpose is what you’re left with when you’ve run out of choices but are nowhere close to running out of inspiration.

When I sat down wondering what is the best way to talk about my purpose, it became apparent the reason many people get overwhelmed when thinking about their purpose is because of the word ‘purpose’. Take a moment, if someone told you there’s only one thing out there in the world that you need to find, how scary is that?

Let me tell you right now, there is no such thing as a single purpose for the rest of your life. My purpose as a child was to pursue curiosity, my purpose as a teenager was to absorb & build a knowledge repository from university and my purpose now, is to inspire others learnt from years of experimentation in writing, speaking and in technology. And it’s together that they make me the person that I am today, none of these purposes were anticipated or intentionally crafted and now, everyday as I live my purpose whilst keeping an eye out for any new purposes that may find me.

Still think finding your purpose is hard? What’s stopping you? If you’re struggling in any way, shape or form I would love to speak with you and exchange stories to ignite inspirations.

-Bhavani Esapathi


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