Today I’m having a coffee chat with Ryan Honeyman, the thought leader behind the B-Corp movement. Don’t know what that is? You’ll hear about it on the show; but in short, it’s essentially a movement for businesses to blend the best of both worlds, for-profit and non-profit. B stands for “benefit” and a B-corp is a company that stands for tremendous purpose and impact in making the world a better place, regardless of whether the company makes millions or just a small salary.

Make sure to stay tuned for Ryan’s B-Corp handbook which he will be releasing shortly to help guide us through establishing ourselves as a B-corp.

On the call, Ryan and I chat about:

  • The benefits of a B-corp certification
  • How to apply for a B-corp
  • The origin of a B-corp
  • Why Ryan chose to file as a B-corp
  • Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream: Yum!

Connect w/ Ryan Here:

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Featured Poem: 

Sirsasana 2
Thanks to Carla at for the inspiration.

My feet spread wide like a tripod
with my head pressed into the ground
as my legs lift
belly into spine

and the blood trickles down from my toes
like tiny spiders crawling through my ankles
into my shoulders

as I breathe Ujjayi
the ebb and flow of
ocean breath

my mind beats against the breathe like wind on sail
in the perfect storm

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