It’s time we talk about money. Have you ever dreamed of financial freedom so that you can have more impact and only do the work you love to do?

Then this episode is for you.

Joining us today on the coffee chat to share her story of finding purpose is Jaime Tardy — the brilliant mind behind The Eventual Millionaire. 

Jaime interviews and shares the stories of some of the most profitable people in our time, helping to deconstruct any illusion of grandeur and share with you the simple tools they use to build their wealth so that you can have more impact in your work.

She’s helped many change-makers build their American dream regardless of one’s socio-economic background and she’s here now to share her brilliance with us.

So take sip of your favorite coffee brew and enjoy the episode. Afterward, come say hi on Twitter @markwguay and check out the show notes at


P.S. Thank you for the kind emails regarding the Giving Trip to the Dominican Republic. It was a life-changing trip and I am excited to share pictures with you all once they go public. I apologize for taking a week off from the podcast and am really excited to get things rolling again.

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