3 Ways to Think BIG Picture (w/o Taking LSD)

March 29, 2015

Steve Jobs thought BIG. Real Big. He scoffed at the idea of doing market research when starting out Apple because he wanted to invent something so brand new that people didn’t even know they would need it so badly.

And whether or not you’re a fan of Apple products, Job’s envisioning couldn’t be more spot on.

Add his intense study of zen meditation, and his barefoot excursions to India, along with LSD trips, and Jobs had more than enough fuel to accelerate his clever thinking. He thought BIG PICTURE.

I reached out to a few guests I’ve had on The Traveling Cup to ask them this question:

How do you think BIG?

3 Ways to Think BIG Picture (w/o Taking LSD)

1. Meditation

Meditation enhances the connection between the mind and body. It allows a person to identify how emotions can so quickly cloud the mind and produce physical responses to the emotions.

Remember being a child and throwing temper tantrums? Yeah…adults do that too unless they learn to identify the emotion and control it.

Meditation reprograms the mind.

For me, it’s helped me come in tune with how I’m feeling. If I’m not writing or feel stuck, meditation usually frees up the highway.

2. Read…a lot

Reading, both fiction and non-fiction, help a person live vicariously through another person. That’s like doubling or tripling the amount of experiences a person can have in a lifetime.

Reading opens a person up to new opinions and new thought-structures. You don’t even have to read an entire book.

Sometimes (or often times) a book says the same thing over and over again through different examples. Reading just 30% of a book can deliver the same benefits of reading the entire work.

Tai Lopez, for instance, set a goal of reading one book per day.

Chris Brogan chooses three books each year to really focus on and re-read.

So, whether it’s quality or quantity, just make sure to read…a lot.

3. Travel

And by travel, I mean get out of your comfort zone.

I remember taking a road trip with some college friends where we drove from New York to Florida — 20+ hours of driving. I thought I would be exposed to many different cultures during that trip, but all I really saw was strip mall after strip mall full of McDonalds and Waffle House.

We had to get off the thruway and meander away from the crowds to experience a new culture.

Sure, traveling to a third world country like I did with TOMS will bend the mind quite a bit, but sometimes even taking a detour on the morning commute can get a person out of the comfort zone.


Of course, I’d love to hear from you. How do you think BIG?

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