“Coconut oil is medicine.”

On the show with me today is a good friend of mine, Tyson Adams. This is Tyson’s second time coming on The Traveling Cup. On Episode 33, we dove into everything about his amazing philanthropic startup, Jhai Coffee House. It’s one of my favorite episodes because it talks about one of my obsessions – coffee.

He started the world’s first coffee shop in Laos that gives back 100% to its community. So far, they’ve constructed 9 clean water wells, sent 4,000 kids in 35 schools and gave access to clean water and hygiene education.

They’ve built a café that acts as a social business which educates the farmers in the community about specialty coffee, and a coffee warehouse which has been wonderful in providing infrastructure for the farmers to basically maximize the earning potential of their coffee.

Tyson is here with me today to talk about his latest venture with Zuddha Coconut Oil, and this is a unique turn in Tyson’s entrepreneurial path, and I’m really excited to talk about how Tyson connected these dots.

Tyson Adams

On this Coffee Chat:

  • Tyson’s journey from Jhai Coffee House to Zuddha Coconut Oil
  • Benefits of coconut oil
  • What makes Zuddha Coconut Oil different?
  • Is it truly virgin?
  • What do you use coconut oil for?
  • Oil pulling
  • Coconut oil and breastfeeding
  • MCT oils
  • Crowdfunding tip: Keep your video short!
  • Giving back to the community


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CTA 650

 “How do you live within these massive limitations? How do you live when you don’t know how much energy you have from one day to the next?”

“Monetize your mission, monetize your passion, and then take those steps forward.”

“If you can extract wisdom from each and every situation, then it’s not a negative thing – it’s an empowering thing.”

On the show with me today I have Sarah and Aaron Sanchez, two really special guests whom my wife and I had the honor of meeting at Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, New York.

You guys have heard me talk about my stay at Omega Institute for the Living Well With Lyme Disease Conference already, but you’re going to get an insider’s look here with two very special people that I’ve met there.

Aaron and Sarah are the hosts of the podcast, LymeVoice, where they focus on the path from Lyme Disease to wellness.

For those who have been following The Traveling Cup for a while, you know that I’ve talked a bit about my wife’s struggle with Lyme Disease, so this is an especially meaningful conversation that we’re going to have with Aaron and Sarah, and I’m really honored to have them in this episode.

Aaron Sarah Sanchez

On this Coffee Chat:

  • Learning financial intelligence
  • What is Lyme Disease?
  • Lyme Disease symptoms
  • Incorporating Lyme into their life’s work
  • How to stay positive and empowered – be intentional
  • Surrounding oneself with positivity
  • How to support your partner through chronic illness
  • Redefining success
  • “It’s okay to struggle. It means you’re IN the fight.”
  • “Turn your crap into fertilizer.”


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CTA 650

 “When you follow your dream, when you follow your passion, really nothing can stop you.” @DreamNipotence

“As you start to become aware of what it is that you value most…you can start to use that as a measuring stick for making your decisions.” @DreamNipotence

On the show with me today is Jo Caragh. After 17 years as a communications operator for 911 for the Toronto Police, Jo left to follow her gut feeling, which is I think something that everyone listening to this podcast could relate to.

And there was something more that she wanted to be doing. At 911, she honed her skills as an expert communicator, developing the tools to effectively connect with people to achieve the best possible outcome. She brings her experiences as a trainer, a mentor supervisor and creator of an award-winning communications program.

Check out ChooseDreams.ca to learn more about Jo and her work and her concept of Dream Nipotence.

Jo Caragh

On this Coffee Chat:

  • A shoutout to Jennifer Hough
  • How mentors can help you step into something bigger and figuring out your path
  • Jo’s definition of “Intelligence of the Heart”
  • Do you feel like you need to give some service back to the world?
  • What is Dream Nipotence?
  • Tapping into the intelligence of the heart
  • Starting a dream journal
  • How self-aware are you?
  • How do you choose the right path?
  • There is no right or wrong choice


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CTA 650

“Don’t ever give up hope. Continue to fight, because you never know what’s going to happen in front of you; you never know what plan is meant for you.” @JhansonSteel
“No – don’t accept the negative statistics…you fight until you can’t fight anymore.” @JhansonSteel
“With anything in life, if you are truly passionate about it, you’re gonna give it every bit of energy that you have to see this goes forward.” @JhansonSteel

On the show with me today I have the real man of steel, JJ Hanson, joining us. Now JJ’s story is one you will never forget, and I’m really excited to dig into his new line of work, with his new nonprofit, or helping the nonprofit Voices Against Brain Cancer.

JJ’s a US Marine and brain cancer survivor who advocates for policy changes on behalf of patients. He recently approached the New York State Department of Health to officially declare May 27th as New York State Gray Day, where people wear the color gray to help promote brain cancer awareness.

And this is awesome – he just completed a Spartan race. In short, I’m super excited to have JJ join us today.

JJ Hanson

On this Coffee Chat:

  • JJ’s Spartan race experience
  • Lessons and virtues JJ learned from his family
  • “When people see you do that and they see you working harder to try and make something happen, then they’re going to build off of that strength, and it makes you feel better when you see them resulting in a positive way from what you just did.”
  • JJ’s battle against cancer
  • Keeping the right perspective in the midst of challenges
  • “There are so many great things in this world for you to do; there are so many great things in this world for you to see and be a part of. Why wait?”
  • How JJ started working with Voices Against Brain Cancer
  • ADVICE: Just reach out.
  • Using video to create a conversation around your advocacy
  • Other initiatives JJ is working on
  • Focusing on priorities


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“We have to realize that we have many of the solutions in our hands.” @thelongestswim

“Looking at the bigger picture and what we are doing for the next generation, I think, is the most important thing.” @thelongestswim

“It’s not the big things that make the world change; I think it’s the little things that you aggregate and the power of numbers.” @thelongestswim


On the show with me today is Ben Lecomte. For those of you who have been listening for a while, you know that I’ve devoted my life’s work to have real, meaningful impact and to live my life intentionally. For that reason, Ben is a huge role model for anyone who wants to go big and make huge impact.

Ben is a long-distance swimmer who will be swimming across the Pacific Ocean, from Tokyo to San Francisco. It’s actually not just to go for a swim – it’s part of this incredible global movement, a global effort to re-think sustainability.

This is the perfect example of how someone can take their passion and apply it to have incredible impact in the world.

So what can we do as individuals and as a collective to make our world and our oceans as healthy as they can be for our children and future generations?

Check out Ben’s herculean work over at TheLongestSwim.com and his Indiegogo campaign, which just launched so that we could help send him off on his swim from Tokyo to San Francisco.

Ben Lecomte

On this Coffee Chat:

  • What Ben learned from his mentors – his father, and adventurer Gerard d’Aboville
  • Pushing limits and not being afraid of taking big risks
  • Using one’s passion to make a difference
  • Bringing attention to sustainability
  • “We have problems right now with our environment…but at the same time, we have to realize that we have many of the solutions in our hands.”
  • The Longest Swim
  • Being mindful of how much waste we create and recycle
  • Small things you can do that can have worldwide impact
  • How Ben trained for The Longest Swim


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CTA 650

I’d like to expand a bit on the first stage of The Hero’s Journey when you realize that you no longer want to live in The Ordinary World and hear The Call for Adventure.

This is when you live your life on purpose and choose to walk your own path instead of following someone else’s footsteps.

It could be when you decide to leave the job that weighs you down or stifles your creativity.

It could be when you decide to let go and stop resisting change so that you can embrace it.

Or it could be something completely different. When you feel The Call to Adventure, it’s a sound only you can hear.

And it’s up to you to listen.

This morning I decided to re-read one of my favorite books by Pema called Living Beautifully.

Pema Chodron gives a beautiful analogy for what it’s like when you experience something you’ve never even known existed.

Pema needed cataract surgery — perhaps a surgery your parents like mine have gone through. After her eye surgery, she began to see colors and the mountain view like she never saw it before. Meer words could not accurately describe the expansiveness of beauty that she now saw.

Until then, she said, “she didn’t realize how limited her vision had been.”