I watched as my students picked up their cap and gown and carried it in their arms like a newborn baby. I smiled, said a few last words of encouragement, then asked, “You graduated… now what?”

Most talked about college. Many laughed about building a bonfire with their textbooks. Some just wanted to sleep.

What I realized is that for the first time in their lives, my students have a choice.

Instead of having to go to school, they could choose to go to school. If they want to work, they could choose to work. And if they want to dream, they could choose to pursue their dreams.

The act of choosing, however, can be overwhelming — especially since the school system design does little to build a student’s autonomy. Great teachers, principals, and parents can only do so much with an outdated school design.

So, like most teachers, I want to help my students one last time as they embark on their journey.

I interviewed successful business leaders, changemakers, and entrepreneurs and asked them to share tips to help graduating students become self-reliant and happy.

If you prefer to listen, here’s a 10-step audio podcast I put together to help guide students in building their life on purpose.

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 “The highest will and the highest purpose that any of us can assign ourselves to is finding our own happiness” @larendeeroos

The level of happiness and inner peace a person carries is not directly proportional to the size of their bank account. @dawndcoach


Join me in New York City where Larendee Roos and Dawn Doherty help executives maximize their leadership potential, all the way down to their spirit. They are the leaders of spirit-based business. That’s right – spirit-based business. Something I haven’t heard of very much before but after learning about it from Larendee, I love it.

We’ll be diving into what a spirit-based business is all about and finding happiness and peace in your own business.

Larandee Roos and Dawn Doherty

On this Coffee Chat:

  • A shoutout to Ken Woolley, a serial entrepreneur
  • The importance of mentorship in finding your purpose
  • The meaning of “relaxing into happiness”
  • What is a spirit-based business?
  • Transforming your life to transform your business
  • Finding your purpose and helping others discover theirs
  • How to deal with thought clusters or conditioned ways of thinking that are not serving you to move forward
  • How to attract people with similar goals
  • The secret to attaining sustainable wealth
  • The three questions you should be asking yourself
  • Finding what inspires and energizes you every day
  • Developing the trust muscle in business


Send your tweets over to @MarkWGuay and tell us how you are relaxing into happiness!

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 “How far do you really want to go? How fast do you really want to go? Are you prepared for it?” @TylerBel

“You can fall and you can fail, but that’s part of life, and the best part is when you do, you learn so many lessons.” @TylerBel

“There aren’t limits if you don’t believe it to be so.” @TylerBel

Let’s fly over to Portland, Oregon where vagabond Tyler Bel calls home. Tyler Bel is incredible! Just one look at her impressive resumé and you’ll be amazed. I like to think of her as the Peter Pan of an entrepreneur, because she creates fantastical companies that help push people’s dreams to a whole new reality.

We’ll be diving into the story of how TINSEL started out, the importance of mentorship, Tyler’s take on success and many more.

Among other work, Tyler is the founder of TINSEL, which is a cool acronym, which means There Is No Sky Experience and Lifestyle. She acts as a facilitator to not only tell a brand’s story, but also act as a business development hub and intermediary to high-profile companies and influential change-makers.


On this Coffee Chat:

  • Mentorship
  • Tyler’s story on how TINSEL started out
  • The difference between people who find success and those who don’t
  • The importance of having the right strategy and mindset in business
  • Having a growth mindset vs a limited mindset
  • How to choose a mentor
  • Who do you surround yourself with?
  • Tyler’s tips on how to develop a growth mindset and breaking limits
  • The importance of conviction
  • How Tyler chose her passion for change
  • Identifying what you’re good at and making money through it
  • Practicing gratitude, mindfulness and silence


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 “At some point, you have to realize that you can’t really make things ideal and you can’t always rewrite and reedit and make it nicer.” @Ani_LifeProb

“When I’m writing, I’m not really thinking about whether the book will be selling or not, whether people will like it or not” @Ani_LifeProb

“If you have a dream or you want to do something with your life, just go ahead and DO IT and TRY IT. You may fail, but it will be worth it even if you do.” @Ani_LifeProb

Let’s fly over to Armenia where Ani Alexander joins us on the coffee chat today to share her story of finding greater purpose in her work – which, by the way, she is the first podcaster in Armenia. That is awesome.

She will be sharing her story, how she got started and her journey through podcasting and writing.

Ani is a storyteller, an Amazon best-selling author and of course, the first podcaster in Armenia.

Perhaps like Ani, you have a story inside of yourself that you want to share but haven’t had the chance to do it yet, or something is just holding you back.

For many, the idea of becoming an author is beautifully terrifying. Ani helps ease the journey to make this dream a reality.

Ani Alexander screencap

On this Coffee Chat:

  • How Ani left her corporate job, became an Amazon best-selling author and went into podcasting
  • Overcoming roadblocks
  • Learn how Ani launched her podcast in just three weeks
  • Write 2B Read, a podcast that aims to serve writers and entrepreneurs
  • How to make money off of fiction
  • ADVICE for authors: Find out how you can have a steady, loyal audience.
  • Authors – should you stick to just one genre?
  • Self-publishing vs traditional publishing
  • Practical writing tips
  • Great SEO and awful writing vs great writing with minimal to no SEO
  • How to handle criticism


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Right now, I have 18 tabs open on my browser, an inbox full of emails I need to reply to, and a garbage that needs to be emptied.

I’ve learned a thing or two about productivity, yet I have so much more to learn.

Trying to be productive all the time — just like trying to be mindful all the time — is a daily juggle. Some days I’m a world-class juggler and others…not so much.

But, I’m getting better every day and have a few tips I’d like to share with you.

1. Build a Team to Help

Okay, so if this one seems like common sense to you, then you’re one step ahead of other solopreneurs out there or those, like me, who work a full-time job and run a passion-based profitable side hustle.

It took me far too long to finally give responsibility to other people. Now, I have three (and growing) assistants that are helping me produce my work. They are my saving grace and I’m excited to grow this new chapter in my life.

I now understand a bit more about what Tim Ferriss wrote about in the Four Hour Workweek. Delegating tasks that you have learned and can now teach to others to do is one of the simplest ways to spread your message.

By spending more time on the things that only you can do, you can deepen your purpose and have more impact.

 “Go out there and prove yourself.” @erin_gee

“I think that we just need to take risks as creative people, as people who want to make a difference.” @erin_gee

“If you feel like you need to do something, you just do it.” @erin_gee

Erin Gee joins us on The Traveling Cup today. She is an Ottawa-based writer who is a public servant by day and a community-focused do-gooder by night. She’s kind of like Batwoman – I love it.

She’s here to talk about her work, what inspires her, how she really loves peanut butter cookies, and of course her new website, The Unconventional.

Erin is a writer and eater and a high-five expert. She is a regular contributor to Ford magazine and Startup Canada and has also been published by the Huffington Post Canada and Canadian Government Executive Magazine.

Erin Gee


On this Coffee Chat:

  • How Erin aims to push the creative edges of government
  • How to bring about innovation in a slowly-changing system like the government.
  • What makes an inspiring workplace?
  • Fresh Off The Boat and breaking stereotypes
  • How Erin maintains her focus to get things done
  • How writing helps clear the mind and produce quality work
  • Erin’s new website, The Unconventional
  • Controlling your hustle through delegation
  • Good vs bad stress
  • Giving back to the community – putting purpose over profit


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It was 5am and I had already been cycling indoors for an hour. With two more hours to go for my triathlon training, I downloaded one podcast after another.

Listening to podcasts became my choice of infotainment during exercise, driving to work, and when working on tasks that didn’t require intricate thought.

Listening to a podcast is like feeding two birds with one scone. I’m learning something by listening to meaningful content while also exercising, commuting, or doing something else.

Back then I didn’t know I would find podcasting to be part of my purpose. I certainly didn’t think I’d ever create a podcast that hit the top 5 list in Business and Career Planning. You see, I’m a connector at heart. I love hearing a person’s story. When I listen to someone’s story, I immediately think of others who they should talk to to help them on their journey.

I love connecting people. I believe conversations with the right people can help us grow and rise to a new level of actualization (to use Maslowian terms).

That’s why I’ve gone to launch not one or two, but three podcasts.

There’s just something so exhilarating about a podcast launch. It’s a new level of exhilaration and equally terrifying at the same time.

This is the third one I’ve done and there are a few things I wish I knew back when I launched my first podcast.

“First of all, what’s your vision for life? What do you really want out of it? What’s your perfect day look like?” @nataliesisson

“You have to absolutely, 100%, go after this vision – for what you want out of life – and DO IT.” @nataliesisson

Before there were all these awesome bloggers and podcasters out there, there was a woman who helped start it all. One day, she packed her suitcase with the aim to work from home and build her business around her life instead of how mainstream work forces people to build their lives around work – so she started up the lifestyle business.

Natalie Sisson joins us on the coffee chat today to talk about freedom, how she started her business and her newest venture, The Right2Freedom.

Today we’re going to talk about her story of finding purpose and then of course what’s been going on lately with her vagabonding and the outback in Oceania.

If you want to live a life of freedom, check out http://suitcaseentrepreneur.com/ Visit http://suitcaseentrepreneur.com/freedom/ and grab your Freedom Starter Kit for FREE.

Ep 82

On this Coffee Chat:

  • Natalie’s story about how she found her life’s purpose
  • The story behind “The Suitcase Entrepreneur”
  • Natalie’s newest venture – the Right2Freedom.
  • The Freedom Plan – a 10-week program that takes people through three key stages for living a free life.
  • Building a profitable business out of the lifestyle that you want.
  • The importance of planning and focus
  • Natalie’s morning routine
  • How to keep innovation alive in your business
  • Tips on how to start your venture in a saturated market
  • How to determine which pain points to monetize
  • Painkillers vs vitamins
  • Time-saving strategies for entrepreneurs – say YES to the right things
  • The importance of connecting with the right people, like-minded people
  • Mapping out your perfect day



I would love to hear what your perfect day looks like, so if you have 5-10 minutes go ahead and write down your perfect day and email it to myself and Natalie ;)

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“With all the (social media) platforms that are out there, see which one you enjoy, but also where your audience is.” @socialdiva

“Have fun, do what you love, take breaks, move this needle forward so as not to burn out as an entrepreneur.” @socialdiva


Let’s hop on over to Silicon Alley of New York City where social diva, Peg Samuel, hangs out. An adjunct professor at New York University, Peg is a proven leader in online branding and digital strategy and helps give social media makeovers.

In this interview, we’ll be talking about the different social media platforms, marketing and Periscope, a live video streaming app for iOS and Android. We’ll also be digging a little bit into surfing + yoga – how fun is that!?

She was a key part in the 2012 London Olympics social media strategy and is the founder of socialdivamedia.com. Her specialty? Fashion and wellness brands.


Peg Samuel


On this Coffee Chat:

  • The conversation that helped Peg have deeper purpose in her work
  • How Peg went from social diva to being a professor in NYU
  • How Peg started out at the Weather Channel
  • How Peg got the nickname Social Diva
  • Periscope, a live video streaming app for iOS and Android
  • ADVICE: “With all the (social media) platforms that are out there, see which one you enjoy, but also where your audience is.”
  • Periscope and marketing
  • The power of media and how we can use social media tools to get it out there
  • Using hashtags – do they help your business?
  • Social media scheduling and pre-writing content




A lot of gold nuggets in this interview! Share with us your biggest takeaway below.

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“It’s interesting how negative reinforcement can actually have some very positive end results.” @starrpmc

“You have to love your work. That should matter more than compensation.” @starrpmc

Billy Starr joins us on the show today to talk about how he started the Pan-Mass Challenge (PMC). He is the Pan-Mass Challenge founder and executive director and we’re going to learn all about that and how he got into doing that – it’s really cool.

The Pan-Mass Challenge is a 190-mile bike-a-thon. Today, it has raised a total of – get this – $455 million, for adult and pediatric patient care and cancer research at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute since 1980, and that is a little bit before I was born, so that’s awesome. In 2015, they aim to raise another $45 million.

We’ll also be diving into PMC’s role in cancer research. Billy is actually the first guest of the show who’s using an endurance sport to raise money for cancer.

The PMC will be on August 1st and 2nd, 2015. You can catch the live televised opening ceremonies on WBZTV.

Billy Starr

On this Coffee Chat:

  • Billy’s personal story on how he started PMC
  • How athletes can contribute to a higher purpose
  • How PMC grew organically through word-of-mouth and unapologetic fundraising
  • PMC as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that’s 100% committed to the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
  • PMC’s role in keeping Dana-Farber the leading institute for cancer research
  • PMC’s fundraising strategies
  • The importance of volunteers
  • Virtual cyclists
  • How they keep it relevant at PMC
  • ADVICE for fundraisers: recognize the highs and lows and get your community to work with you.



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