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Not too long ago, Scott sat in a limo w/ a bottle of fine liquor, a Rolex and an armful of “beautiful people.” Major companies paid him mountains of cash just to be seen with their product in hand. From afar, it looked to many  like he had it made and he couldn’t be happier.

After one long night of partying, he had an awakening. He needed a change. He needed to have impact in world — impact that would grow beyond filling his wallet.

Many of you know who I’m talking about. And for those who don’t, buckle in and enjoy this interview with Scott Harrison from Charity : Water.

We begin our chat deep in the throngs of Scott’s pivotal career shift and then he shares the intimate workings of his non-profit, Charity : Water.

He shares how he maintains the 100% model, how he pushed through fear of failure, and how he transitioned from the see-saw life of party promoting to start one of the most successful non-profits of our time.

Scott is an idol of mine and I’m honored to bring you this episode.

Enter my challenge to you: My 30th birthday is quickly approaching (it’s January 10th). I will be donating my birthday to help raise funds for Charity : Water. I challenge you to join me. Are you in? Hit reply and tell me your birthday.

So take a sip of your favorite coffee brew and enjoy the episode. Afterward, come say hi on Twitter @markwguay.



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Joining us on the call today is the alien of extraordinary ability, Murray Newlands. Murray advises startups in San Francisco and is a contributor to Entrepreneur, Inc and has been featured in Forbes among other publications. All of whom have labeled Murray as a key marketing influencer.

A lot of TTC listeners either live overseas or work between cultures, so the conversation today takes a deep look at how to effectively market your idea, product, or service across cultures.

We bring up empathy, or as anthropologists like to call it, cultural relativism. This is where you literally step into the shoes of those you are marketing towards, feel what they feel and care about what they care about. David Kelley talks about this too and calls it ethnographic interviewing: “The main tenet of design thinking is empathy for the people you’re trying to design for.”

I hope you enjoy this edition of The Traveling Cup with Murray Newlands, but more importantly, I hope you create something remarkable from it. And once you do that, reach out to me and share it.

It’s a beautiful day to be the change you want to see in the world.

Mark W. Guay

P.S. Murray just got engaged! Say congratulations here!

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Joining us today on the coffee chat is the sultan of swat, the colossal of clout, the great bambino of smart passive income… Pat Flynn.

(Psst, what movie did I allude to there?)

After the economy tanked and Pat got laid off from a well-paying job he excelled in, Pat turned to the online business world to see what it’s all about. And, ladies and gents — just head over to smartpassiveincome.com to see all that Pat has been up to since and it’s freaking incredible.

To use one of Pat’s favorite words, I’m stoked to have him join us on The Traveling Cup. Pat shares specific tips for social entrepreneurs on how you can create your own smart passive income and grow a social-purpose movement. Specifically, we really narrow in on how to identify a super-niche audience using Pat’s specially curated tactics.

If you’ve ever wondered how you can increase your passive-income profits to make more of an impact, then this is the episode for you.

So take sip of your favorite coffee brew and enjoy the episode. Afterward, come say hi on Twitter @markwguay. 


P.S. I’m building up my birthday campaign to raise money for Charity : Water. Have an idea of how I can motivate people to donate? Share it with me :)

P.P.S. I’m super stoked to head to the Dominican Republic w/ TOMS for a Giving Trip.If you’re in the area and want to meet for coffee, let me know!

Today, my friends, is a beautiful day :)

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Several listeners have reached out to me asking me how to start a podcast and what are the pros and cons of podcasting.

So I reached out to none other than Jared Easley. In his latest book  Jared shows readers how to build a podcast and community through meaningful collaboration. It’s chock full of take-aways that I re-read whenever I find myself waiting in line or at the doctor’s office (using my Kindle app).

Jared is the co-founder of the conference Podcast Movement and is the rock-and-roll voice behind Starve the Doubts — a super inspiring podcast on how to squash fear and launch your idea forward.

Jared shares his specific thoughts for social entrepreneurs and change-makers (like you ;) on how podcasting can benefit your movement.

A bit of news on my end:

1. I’m so excited to finally get to share the news that I’ll be joining TOMS on a Giving Trip to the Dominican Republic. We’ll be spending a week working with a local non-profit and distributing shoes (among other things) to families in need.

I feel honored and blessed to join them and excited to share the journey with you.
*If you’re in the DR, let me know so we can possibly meet up for a damn fine cup of coffee. 

2. Like it or not, my 30th birthday is slowly approaching (it’s January 10th). Last year I donated my 29th birthday to Charity : Water and I’m planning out how to exponentially grow my impact with this coming birthday. I’d love to raise enough money to provide a school with running water.

Have an idea on how I can raise the most money and raise the most awareness? Let me know. And, of course, if you’d like to help out, let me know that too!

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s an honor having you in my life and I appreciate you. Like always, let me know what YOU are working on. Say hello on Twitter @markwguay or just hit “reply”.

Thanks for joining me to be the change.


Joining us on the call today is a mentor of mine from way back to the teenage years, the man who taught me how to memorize lines and meander through the awkward years of adolescence.

And it all started when I was lucky enough to be in his leadership high school class.

Now, a decade later, Peter Herr shares many of the secrets he began to share back when I was in high school in his latest book, 10 Things We Should Teach You in High School and Usually Don’t. 

It just hit the shelves and he’s here to share it with you. You can pick up your own personal copy here. 

We talk about the process behind writing the book and then delve into a bit of the brilliant content he shares in the book.

You won’t want to miss this one.

Like always, join our virtual coffee here  on Facebook and share your thoughts. Ask questions, share what you are working on and connect with other change-makers.

P.S. I’m currently planning out my Charity Water birthday campaign to bring water to schools in need. If you’d like to help, hit reply to this message and share your thoughts. Thanks!

I recently joined a group of men at Omega Institute to be the first group of gents invited to the annual Power and Women Conference on women’s leadership.

I’ve always been fascinated with cultural perceptions of “normal” and how we, as a culture, learn and teach what it means to be a man and what it means to be a women. If this topic fancies your interest, I wrote a more extensive article on it here.

So, how do we learn gender? It might surprise you that since the days of Madmen, advertisements have directly influenced cultural perceptions of normal, including how we define “beautiful”.

Like it or not, content marketers and advertisers become teachers to the public. When I first learned this back in college, during the days of cinnamon buns and hot coffee for breakfast, I was immediately skeptical. But then I watched this video called Killing Us Softly.

To talk to us more about how our advertisements influence others, particularly the youth psyche, I reached out to the author, Jean Kilbourne.

I am honored to have Jean join us on the coffee chat today.

On today’s show, we talk about gender and the role business plays in shaping the internal psyche — In other words, how advertisements teach the public what the ideal man and the ideal woman is.

I hope you enjoy it, but more importantly, I hope it helps you continue to be remarkable.